Deliver what is Agreed

An organised approach is needed to assure a quality outcome. Whether you use PMI or Prince2 based approaches is not the point. Pick one approach, tailor it to your needs and then apply it consistently.

It starts at the top

It starts at the top, the Steering Committee that will guide your Portfolio/Program/Project(s) must understand what they are there to do to ensure successful delivery. This is predicated on a clear understanding on the “why we are doing this”. Clear linkages to business outcomes are essential.

One Page to Rule them All – Project Brief

If you can’t describe what it is that you are doing in one page then you don’t understand what it is to be delivered. The one page is not closely typed, it is a flyer, there is a seemingly meaningful picture.

A short and punchy description of why, what, how, when, how much and who dimensions is also essential. Then a more detailed paragraph and the responsible person’s name and contact details for further information.  This document travels through the process and is the benchmark for delivery.  When was the last time you saw one of these at the start of a project? Better still when did the outcomes closely match what was on this Project Brief? Not often in my observation.

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