Agree – Stakeholder Engagement

What are we going to do and why?

Who knows?  Everyone that is materially impacted has a piece of the puzzle.  The direction falls to those setting the Strategic direction initially, but even that process involves engagement with people to gain some agreement on the direction. Then it is an iterative process of refining through the lenses of the various stakeholder groupings, from deep engagement through to informing as part of good communication practice.

It is simple to say but always harder to do. Finding that intersection of interest is the key task of engagement. The differences must also be acknowledged and respective positions understood and respected. What is up for discussion, and or decision, must be as clear as what is not.

The approach that works is this ….. Talk to people directly, honestly, with integrity and often as necessary. This must happen at all stages in any process, communication is a continuous and evolving thing.

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