Sustainability means to

Agree on & Deliver Change

The key to taking advantage of opportunities and mitigating risks is Change Management, yes with a capital ‘C’.

Change is delivered through doing something, a Project or many projects in a Program of organisational change. The something could range from acquisitions, divestments, restructures, new products, new processes and supporting systems etc. etc.

Clarity of Purpose

The key though, is to ensure that there is clarity of purpose. Can the majority of your people tell you what your organisation stands for and why it exists? Not just the slogan, but with feeling, as if it matters. This is the foundation, on which all else depends.

We all want to do a good (worthwhile) job

Sense of Worth

Nothing motivates like a common purpose, a clear direction, a quest for our own sense of worth if you like. We are all searching for this individually, either consciously or unconsciously. This sense of worth is based on finding a direction that resonates on all levels of your being.

Clear Direction – How?

How do you get this clear direction? Talk. Listen. Communicate.
Mission/Vision/Strategy/Tactics blah, blah, $$&@!? Blah
Articulation of these things are important, but not an end in themselves.
Commitment is built from involvement that leads to a shared understanding and agreement as to the action required.
Communicate, involve, understand, plan, agree and then deliver.

Agree and Deliver

Agree – Stakeholder Engagement – What are we going to do and why?
Delivery – How we are going to deliver the What?

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